• Genesis Battle of Champions Welcome to Jaelara Booster Packs

King Ammet has raised Vadhis to a mighty empire and now he has his eyes on the rest of Jaelara. With the power of the Angels behind him, his Champions and his partnership with Ajna, he is confident that he can bring the people of Vishud and Sahas under his rule.

Welcome to Jaelara will have 135 cards with 28 cards per affiliation and 7 cards for Jaelara, that are available for all champions.

In this set we will see the re-release of the original 8 champions: Idiris, Malik, Ra’Ha, Nubia, Kendra, Rayne, Feng, and Long. Each champion will have a new, featured artwork for them.

Welcome to Jaelara only had 15 card booster packs. This was the first set to introduce the 4th rarity level, Epic Rares - full art versions of the Rare cards.

Epic rares appeared 1 in 8 packs and replaced one of the common cards in your booster pack.

Also, in Welcome to Jaelara, we inserted tip cards into the booster packs.

Non-Epic packs: 1x Rare, 1x Starter/Tip card, 3x Uncommons, and 10x Commons
Epic Packs: 1x Epic Rare, 1x Rare, 1x Starter/Tip Card, 3x Uncommons, and 9x Commons

Genesis Battle of Champions Welcome to Jaelara Booster Packs

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